Sunday, January 28, 2018

NARTHRAAL - Screaming From The Grave review

NARTHRAAL - Screaming From The Grave

Inverse Records

Normally I'm not interested in writing about something from the year before especially if it came out early the year before. But in this case I'm giving an exception since I'm working with this new Finnish label Inverse Records. Secondly this band is from Iceland and their ancestors discovered North America. Oh yeah and third it's old school death metal.

Screaming From The Grave is the debut full length by this Icelandic four piece. The band started out in 2012 and prior to this full length the band released two EPs. Now I'm not going to bullshit by saying I know so much about the Icelandic metal scene, like some hipster after a Google search. In all honesty I do remember writing about a black metal act from Iceland in the past but that's it.

The truth is while listening to Screaming From The Grave I'm thinking Swedish death metal circa 1992 - 1995. On one hand the band employs that fat Boss HM-2 sound but also injects some melodic touches. I'm reminded of what AMON AMARTH was putting out in the late 90s with their first two releases. I'd also toss in some obvious DISMEMBER worship as well. Check out their closing cut "Dismember the Entombed" for any further debate.

If I were some jaded asshole I'd probably knock this. But the fact is it's death metal like this which is my favorite style. I'd rather hear a band like NARTHRAAL doing it old school than some modern tech death act. Also the band nails it on the guttural but understandable vocals, the top notch soloing, real drumming and of course the riffs. Some thing else worthy is their song structure variety which displays plenty of tempo shifting that gives everything a feel of freshness as opposed to just copying the past.

Yes there are a ton of bands like NARTHRAAL out there doing the whole old school death metal thing. I should know since I have a shelf ready to collapse from the weight of LPs and CDs from those bands. But hey one more good one won't break mine or your collection. This is worth seeking out so you can blast it in order to destroy your neighbor's ear drums. Nuff Said.

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