Saturday, January 20, 2018

OBSCENE - Sermon to the Snake review

OBSCENE - Sermon to the Snake

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

So a bunch of Midwest metal veterans get together to form a new band with death metal on their agenda. OK I think that's cool, exciting as well as historic. I mean I've always extolled the venomous virtues of Midwest American death metal. There's a sickness about it especially when bands get totally in a dirge brutality mode or include non-genre aesthetics. I'm glad to hear that OBSCENE are carrying on with tradition. 

OBSCENE are a new five piece act from Indianapolis, Indiana and made up of musicians from such acts as  ACHERON, SUMMON THE DESTROYER, TUNGUSKA and CHRIST BEHEADED. Their introduction to the world is this four cut EP. Musically the band shows off the diversity of death by including plenty of doomish runs followed by some galloping rhythm rushes. There's no flashiness to be heard. This is just straight to the gut textbook Midwest DM.

Probably one of the major standouts are Kyle Shaw's vocals. He sounds like a torture victim giving a confession. Like tie the guy in a chair, drive nails through his hands and record the wails of pain and anguish. How could you not appreciate that? I will say that only a four song EP will not suffice here. I believe a full length release would be cool because there's more avenues of pain, suffering and death that this band needs to explore. I'll look forward to that one. 

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