Wednesday, January 24, 2018

PISS RIVER - Self Titled review

PISS RIVER - Self Titled

The Sign Records

I should just go back to the old logo with the Betty Page photo because of all the non metal stuff coming in for review. Yes people for the second time in January I'm starting off a review with the words "It's not Metal but I like it and know alot about it." 

Here we have the debut full length by Swedish four piece PISS RIVER. Musically this is 90's era punk fuckin rock n roll by a band with a gutsy female vocalist. They do a song called  "Sparks” which is a tribute to L7's Donita Spark. Although they don't remind me of L7. Actually they sound like THORAZINE, The LUNACHICKS and even The GITS. 

Some other highlights here are their take on an old Larry Wallis (PINK FAIRIES, MOTORHEAD) song ”Police Car”. An interesting cover choice by far since it's from a solo single he did for STIFF Records. There's also a song titled "Bad Reputation" which is not a JOAN JETT cover but an original. I was actually hoping for a cover.

To make a band like this work you need a great vocalist. They have that with Sofia Nilsson. Next you need a great rock style guitarist who can kick out some powerful riffs as well as fiery lead-work. They've got that plus a powerful rhythm section that burns up the background. Yeah this is great and equal to all that's come before.

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