Saturday, January 6, 2018

REPUTDEATH - Demo II review


Self Released

This originally came out in 2016 but since the band sent me a sincere email, they like zombies, gore and play death metal hey why not write about it. Of course after the first listen I was hooked and wondered if I could play this for someone then tell em it was old school death metal from Sweden circa 1989.

This is the most recent demo, well they do have a live one from 2017, from REPUTDEATH a three piece act who hail from Malaysia and abhor clean modern production. They're simply a guitar, drums and vocalist band to boot. The lack of bass really stands out and does take something away from what could be better as well as heavier.

Be that as it may REPUTDEATH give ya four relatively short tracks plus an intro and outro numbers. If you consider where we are now as far as the death metal genre goes, even old school aesthetics included, this sounds downright prehistoric. There use to be a blog site dedicated to old school pre-1990 death and grind demos. This would fit on that site.

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