Monday, January 8, 2018

ROTTING KINGDOM - Self Titled EP review


Godz Ov War Productions

Strangely enough it actually took a while for me to get into this release. Yeah duh, it's only a three track EP albeit the songs are long and it's basic death doom. Hell I've listened to this thing so much I feel like I live next-door to their practice space. The main reason why I've auto-played this Lexington, Kentucky band's debut is because I had this idea of who they reminded me of but couldn't nail it. 

So the other night I was involved in the task of finishing off some Double IPAs I had in the fridge. After the ninth one and another replay of this I uttered the word OPETH and then went to sleep. But yeah there are some similarities here which might be looked upon as cool. For starters when he's not in total death growler mode the vocalist, Anton Escobar, sounds close to Mikael Ã…kerfeldt. 

As far as the songs go ROTTING KINGDOM's brand of death doom includes plenty of melody. Their guitar harmonies are subtle yet actually they're the best thing about this. Also the song structures run about as being intricate and saddening. But then the band will kick into full on heavy mode that livens up the tear fest. There's no crying during death doom. By the way this band's next release is going to be awesome and they're probably be on the cover of a prominent US metal magazine.

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