Sunday, January 14, 2018

SCAPHISM - Unutterable Horrors review

SCAPHISM - Unutterable Horrors

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

SCAPHISM are a bunch of Massholes who think they can play death metal. Hey don't be offended, I'm originally from New Jersey and that's just the way we speak. It's not like I called Boston a shithole. I mean ya won a couple of World Series titles. Hey the Yankees can't win every year. But I digress....

SCAPHISM are a decent sounding USDM act who come across more like some Midwest acts from the past. First off they have a sickness to em, yeah those vocals, plus their tempos have combinations of thrash as well as grind. There's a low fi tech appeal going on as well be it the drum flourishing or the riff structures. 

I wasn't too thrilled with this release at first which by the way is the band's second full length. By the third time listening to this and allowing songs like "Vaults Of Pestilence" and of course "The Feaster From The Stars" to sink in I realized that their frantic pace reminds me of MACABRE to a degree. Maybe MASTER on speed. 

Either way it's punishing, enjoyable for the sheer fact that the drumming sounds like a crazed guy from a construction site wielding a nail-gun without the safety. sure they're still Massholes but damm they are good. Musically they've hit that sweet spot. You've got the basic death metal strides, the tech death aesthetics as well as the sickness whether it's in the vocals or the twisted riff patterns. The more you listen to this release the more you find cool things to like.

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