Wednesday, January 3, 2018

THE BAD LARRY'S - Hodads review



So file this one under "It's Not Metal But I Like It and I Know Much About It". THE BAD LARRY'S are a garage punk act, a five piece band but then most of em are, hailing from Hostile City, USA which is Philadelphia PA. I'm guessing these guys were weaned on old (aka: used LP copies of) CYNICS, SATAN'S SURFERS, if they're cool then I'd include THE CHESTERFIELD KINGS, THE VIPERS or even MAN OR ASTROMAN, THE MAKERS or THE CRAWDADDYS.

Ah yeah I do know my Garage Punk/Surf stuff. I grew up listening to Nuggets' bands and garnered a record collection with stuff from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. I stopped around the end of the nineties because hiptards got into that scene and ruined it. Be that as it may I like this band as far as Garage Punk goes. They're not copying anyone which is funny since being a cool Garage Punk band means to sound like some band from the past and doing a cover or two. As far as I can tell all of the songs on this, the band's debut, are originals.

There's some cool surf/blues cuts as well as Garage Punk ragers going on here. Although there's one cut which reminds me of Reverend Horton Heat who I hate because hipsters used him to get in and ruin a cool scene. Be that as it may THE BAD LARRY'S do a good job.

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