Saturday, January 27, 2018

VERIKALPA - Taistelutahto review

VERIKALPA - Taistelutahto

Inverse Records

Around ten years ago I was all into the Pagan Folk Viking metal genre trend that was going on. Yes I attended two Pagan Fest shows, saw a lot of other gigs with bands doing the whole pagan/folk metal thing. I bought a lot of CDs and am still a huge fan of the music mainly because it was an education.

Obviously the whole idea of incorporating a nation's traditional folk music into a metal framework is cool. But to me it's the fun aspect to the music. VERIKALPA, who hail from Finland, have all the cool trappings I've mentioned. Musically they fit in between KORPIKLAANI and FINNTROLL, two bands also from Finland who I'm a huge fan of. VERIKALPA is a self described Troll & Beer metal band. Now you can understand why I placed them where I did.

Taistelutahto is the band's debut full length tossing out ten cuts which are all energetic, aggressive and of course fun. By the way that's gotta be an accordion I hear. The band sings in their native tongue which in the past I've said it makes German sound polite. Any ways VERIKALPA do inject some new found fire into a genre that needs it. Especially since both bands I mentioned where this band sits in between have really gotten boring.

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