Sunday, January 14, 2018

VIOLENT OPPOSITION - Utopia/Dystopia review


Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

Last February I reviewed this band's Courage And Conviction release which was also on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. So here we meet again almost a year to the date. I thought their last release was decent in a nostalgic way but I didn't care for their political axe to grind. 

Well it's 2018 and on this latest release VIOLENT OPPOSITION's brand of grindcore (plus a whole lot more) is less nostalgic and definitely matured. We're talking pure fuckin technical grind with enough tempo shifts to snap necks. Seriously I almost puked up my lunch during the song "False Scarcity". What was that, electronica? I can only say that this band took a few lessons from genre re-writers PIG DESTROYER. 

Utopia/Dystopia is certainly not an easy listen, then again try listening to it a dozen times in order to write about it. It's like being caught up in a intricate tornado of guitar riffs and punishing drum beats plus that bass work is phenomenal. You heard the term "death by a thousand cuts"? This is grind by a thousand tempo changes. 

Ya know I could care less of what they're singing (actually screaming, screeching, barking and growling) about. The technical proficiency (and remember I'm not into tech music) is so fuckin overwhelming, so tight and directed to target. When you reach the point of their final cut on here "Watch the End", you are thankful that it's slow dirgy death metal in execution. Yes you are breathing a sigh of relief. Anyone got some Tylenol?

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