Monday, January 8, 2018

WARFIST / EXCIDIUM - Laws of Perversion & Filth split

WARFIST / EXCIDIUM - Laws of Perversion & Filth split

Godz Ov War Productions

It seemed like blackened thrash was the flavor of the year in 2017 especially if your release was produced by Joel Grind. So it's with that said I can appreciate these two Polish bands who keep things in the decadence wing of the genre while still sounding actually old school as fuck.

First off we have WARFIST, love the name, who by the way have been around since 2004. They have a huge back catalog of releases and have done so with the same line up. On this split WARFIST deliver four cuts which have a VENOM quality to em. Yeah they are a three piece act. We're talking old school metal riffs with big up front Cronos styled vocals. One, Two, Fuck You, hell yeah!

The second contender on this split is EXCIDIUM who are the younger of the pair, starting out in 2006. Their back catalog consists of a few demos and splits. Their contribution on this split is more in the US west coast style of thrash. A Polish version of old EXODUS wouldn't be out of line in describing their sound and fury. They throw out three originals and a IMPALED NAZARENE cover, "Karmageddon Warriors", to end their pandemonium.

First split release for me to check out this year. I wanna hear more from both of these bands which is what a good split release is supposed to do. Both of these bands are going for that throat cut of excitement which fans of thrash, blackened or not, will bang their heads to or reap havoc upon unsuspecting strangers. Either way I like it a lot.

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