Saturday, February 3, 2018

APATHY NOIR - Black Soil review

APATHY NOIR - Black Soil 


So I'm reading the promo info about this release and the sentence "highly recommended for fans of early KATATONIA and OPETH" stands out like a sign post up ahead. Alright you have incurred my interest. Then after a first listen I'm like oh come on. You forgot to mention post punk era PARADISE LOST.

APATHY NOIR is the solo project of multi instrumentalist Viktor Jonas formally of the Swedish black metal act NATTSTRYPE. Feel the connection here? APATHY NOIR also includes Andy Walmsley of a few other Swedish bands on vocals. Musically this duo combine the gothic, black and death metal together to appease the progressive notions of listeners who still worship at the altar of lame copycat Swede death doom.

Actually this leans more towards OPETH than any of the a fore mentioned acts. The prog rock meets Gothenburg metal plunged into the realm of extreme is about as evident as it was in mid 90s. But hey Mr. Wolf is it any good? Well if looked upon as a recreation of past efforts I'd say yes. Just listening to the melody being produced, the tempo changing as well as the mixture of heavy riffed segments met with quieter sections is amazing. What you have here are seven complex yet, I must admit, beautiful sounding passages. Of course you wanna pull out the old releases to compare but after a few listens you find yourself thinking why bother since this is here. Yeah in the end I liked it a lot. The guitar work is so captivating that it absorbs your senses. Excellent.

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