Friday, February 23, 2018

EVIL NERFAL - Bellum Est Pater Omnium review

EVIL NERFAL - Bellum Est Pater Omnium

Grimm Distribution

So this release starts out with a Overture written by Beethoven. The band is a black metal act hailing from Columbia. Their promo photo is a picture of the two band members donned in corpse paint and wearing the typical metalhead regalia. They're also standing in a tree. Then their first original song commences titled "Fuck Off Jesus Christ". I the reviewer reach over to the nearby cupboard for an airplane bottle of Crown Royal I've been saving for moments like this and I down the bottle. HAILS! A weaker person would be slitting their wrists.

So what EVIL NERFAL deliver in irony does not stand up to genre nuances. Wow strangely enough according to some info about the band I found they're all about nuances as well as vocal  harmonies and of course the whole approach to superposition. Yeah I hear ya and also this release reeks of kitchen sink metal. For those of you still out of touch with that genre term I'll explain. Kitchen Sink Metal is metal full of every fuckin genre take you can imagine.

EVIL NERFAL might have a foundation relying on black metal which at times they proceed well upon. It's their deviations from the genre that don't fit in as add ons. Instead it comes across as a band in influential turmoil. Are there hipsters in Columbia? I have to wonder since all of this sounds like a copy of Norway 1995, when the genre got all weird. Frankly these kids are not even close to being avant garde. The next small bottle is Captain Morgan. I've gave this five listens but the Captain can wait.

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