Monday, February 26, 2018

FUNERARY BELL - Undead Revelations review

FUNERARY BELL - Undead Revelations

Saturnal Records

Finland Rocks! As far as extreme metal is concerned the nation has produced the most distinct necro bestial black metal available. As far as grindcore goes well we fans know who rules that genre. As far as death metal and thrash well we're still waiting. Doom metal, we know some greats from Finland. But the rock, the metal, the rhythm and cutting edge with headbanging action, where is that at?

FUNERARY BELL came in tagged as black metal. OK sure there's some of that existing in their sound as well as Goth in the release's opening track "Birth / Come Undone". I'd also toss in old school metal which new school Doom fans lay claim to. The bottom line here is that FUNERARY BELL are really not genre locked. You listen to this their second full length and you get the obvious impression that they are a every metal fans band. "Goat Of Mendes" is close to black metal or 80's metal and early thrash.

"The Word Became Flesh" starts out as a hardcore cut then indulges in death metal riffage. "Hermetica" is pure thrash. I could go on song by song but why bother. FUNERARY BELL are Finnish heavy fuckin metal who can do it all. They lean towards the dark side which is cool as fuck especially with basic riffs and vicious grunt vocals matching headbanging rhythms.

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