Thursday, February 22, 2018

GENOCIDE PACT - Order Of Torment review

GENOCIDE PACT - Order Of Torment

Relapse Records

So to my accounting Death Metal is in it's third decade. Do I need to give you all a minute to cheer? Yeah OK so anyways after all these years listening to bands play it straight, try to experiment and of course push it to the limit I still like my meat and potatoes genre sound. Yeah I wanna hear powerful gruff vocals, exceptional riffs, sharp leads and of course a pounding rhythm section. 

So here we have a band, a three piece act, from Washington, DC who after a couple of listens I'd call em meat and potatoes death metal. That's not a bad thing but in this band's case they're still in that baby steps mode. This is GENOCIDE PACT's second full length and their first for Relapse Records. Well that's good for the label since they're actually putting out new metal for metalheads. I mean seriously how much cash are they making by putting out DEATH reissues on vinyl for hipsters? 

Musically GENOCIDE PACT play it straight up USDM via influences from CANNIBAL CORPSE and MORBID ANGEL for basics. Toss in some Euro influences just for the hell of it. But influences aside the band doesn't create something memorable in order to knock you over let alone hold interest. The band delivers eight cuts of material. Some of which is decent enough for an EP's worth albeit that you've heard all before. And let me make it clear that there's nothing wrong with that. The bulk of this release just lacks excitement.

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