Sunday, February 25, 2018

GOLGOTHAN REMAINS - Perverse Offerings to the Void review review

GOLGOTHAN REMAINS - Perverse Offerings to the Void

Self Released

Are all Australian death metal bands required to record in caves? I mean for several years now that's the overall sound being produced. Yeah I know I'm joking around since it's all done on laptops these days. But I'm just making an observation because other than what I pointed out this band from Sydney does some death metal right.

On this their full length debut, GOLGOTHAN REMAINS simply takes the basic death metal framework and builds upon it with layers of thick guitar dissonance. Savage riffs bent on war are released throughout the album. Add to that this firestorm of drum work, totally real drumming by the way. Finally the beast-like vocals which are like icing to a filth cake. I might add there's a subtle doom essence going on as well. 

This is one of the best death metal releases I've heard, that actually does something unique, in a while. GOLGOTHAN REMAINS, in my not so humble opinion, rule the fuckin world. There's just this chaos produced that somehow they create musically and yet recapture within the atmosphere of their music.

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