Saturday, February 3, 2018

INTO THE FIRE with James At 15: KISS Part Two

James At 15 is the singer, record breaker and fire breathing frontman for the punk/metal hybrid band KNOWLEDGE IS FOR FOOLS (aka: KIFF). James has previously shared some of his thoughts on KISS. If you missed Part One then you can recap by checking it out at the link below.

With that said here is Part Two:

#9 KISS - Rock N Roll Over

1976 KISS is now the biggest band in the world.  The follow up to Destroyer, Rock N Roll over was recorded quickly.  KISS stayed on the road at this point. What can I say? Another great album. Mandatory KISS ! One of their absolute best. One of their hardest rocking albums. Every song is a classic. Perhaps My favorite KISS studio album ever ! The original album came with some cool stickers.  The only pop song on the album was Peter Criss's Hard Luck Woman.  It sounded a lot like what Rod Stewart was doing at the time. Legend is that Gene Simmons was riding in a limo. When Hard Luck Woman was on the radio. The driver told Him. You guys should do more stuff like this Rod Stewart song.  One of My favorite songs on the album is the deep cut Love Em Leave Em by Gene.  Ladies Room is another fave.  Paul songs like Making Love, Take Me, Mr Speed all rule hard.  Every Rocker should own a copy of this album.
5 Stars !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

#10  KISS - Love Gun 

1977 KISS continues to dominate record sales and concert stages worldwide.  Love Gun is released. Perhaps one of the greatest KISS album covers ever. Maybe one of the coolest album covers ever by any band. Only KISS could pull a album cover like that off.  Insane! Musically its a cross between Destroyer & Rock & Roll Over. Some strange moments like the cover of Then She Kissed Me. But still some hard rocking KISS classics like I Stole Your Love , Christine Sixteen  & the title track Love Gun. Love Gun has remained in their set for al;most the entire history of KISS. And for good reason. Its just a great song all around. Its what KISS was then. And pretty much since. Good solid hard hitting hard rock anthems. Its always what they were best at. And no matter what they do. No matter what experimental detours they have made over the years. It always comes back to this.  The re-issued CD of this album. features a great bonus CD. Great live & demo tracks. Some weird cuts that did not make the album.  Love Gun is considered by many. To be the last of the perfect golden era KISS albums. I can sort of agree. 
5 Stars !!!!!!!!!!!!!

#11 KISS - Alive 2

KISS Alive 2 !!!!   KISS cashes in on their legend. At this point the world was KISS crazy ! All their albums were selling like mad. The masses wanted more! Endless touring.  KISS dolls, Model kits, Comic books,  TV appearances  & Alive 2 !   Perhaps ultimately the peak of KISS madness. Especially in the USA.  I saw this album. And the picture of Gene Simmons on the cover. My 12 year old self thought. Wow this must be the coolest guy in the world.  I actually love this album more then any other KISS album.  Like the first KISS Alive album. Raw supercharged live versions of KISS classics from the previous three albums. Skullbusting versions of Calling Dr Love, Ladies Room & many others.  To make this album even more classic. Side 4 is all new studio greatness.  All American Man, Larger The Life  & Rocket Ride !  Some of the absolute best stuff they ever did. The original release included a tour program. Stickers etc. KISS was truely Alive at this point !  It was never better !   To this day. Probably the KISS album I love the most. Maybe the album I love the most. By ANY band any time period. 
5 Stars !!!!!!!

#12.  KISS - Double Platinum

The first KISS best of album. Released to keep interest in the band. As the took a break from insane touring and recording. Infighting and all the other madess that came from late 70s KISS insanity !   Yeah pretty much a great collection of KISS classics from the first 6 KISS studio albums.  Almost reads like a set list from the 1996 re-union of the classic original KISS lineup tour. Never been a huge fan of best of albums. I'm always the nerd that sez yes but they forgot about .......  But yeah this is a good overall look at the greatness of KISS. I once knew a guy. Who had the double 8 track of this in his truck. And thats pretty much all He had. Needed or wanted. And He played it for years. Loudly !   Manditory Party album to say the least ! 
5 Stars !!!

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