Friday, February 2, 2018

MY DEATHBED - My Deathbed review

MY DEATHBED - My Deathbed

Self Released

Probably most of you reading this are not knowledgeable in the intricacies of the Christian religion, let alone Catholicism. Well I am and after listening to this I'd easily compare it to purgatory. This is the fourth time I've listened to this release from Greek one man black metal act MY DEATHBED and I still feel un-nerved about it. The first time was when I came home from work at 2:30 AM. I didn't sleep well afterwards.

The opening cut "My Deathbed" is over twenty five minutes of slow harmonized guitar riffage on the low end with some simple drum work. While for most of it the one man, Void, screams, wails in torment, howls for something. It's fuckin agonizing and a quarter of the way through the rhythm does pick up but it's a repetitive riff that drives you insane. Imagine waking up to a leaf blower or a compressor (I have plenty of times because I work nights and try to sleep part of the early day). 

When you think of Greek black metal you picture on one side the Hellenic harsh stuff then on the other side there's the depressive stuff. MY DEATHBED is full on raw depressive black metal. This even goes further to the misery side than my favorite Greek misanthropic negative, DODSFERD. I thought after a twenty-five minute opus to pain then maybe there would be relief. The four minutes of "Forsaken Bodies", with a dental drill sounding riff pattern and no vocals, showed me I was wrong.

The third track, "Nails Deep in Wounds" is actually upbeat with a low-fi ripping tremolo riff, maniacal drum pounding and Void wailing over it with screams of agony. To me it was refreshing to say the least. The fourth track, "Sleep Paralysis", made me walk out back onto my deck in the pouring cold Winter rain just to feel better. Seriously I've listened to plenty of DSBM over the years but MY DEATHBED makes them all sound like birthday cakes, rainbows and fuckin unicorns. Listening to this is equal to holding a dead baby in your arms.

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