Thursday, February 22, 2018

NETER - Inferus review

NETER - Inferus

Satanath Records

So after an unmemorable piano intro (why bother?) NETER, a four piece death metal act from Spain, kick into a gear well ground down. My first reaction was "hey these guys sound like" and then I kinda got lost. The fact is after playing this, their third full length, the bottom line is that NETER sound like a ton of DM acts. And of course the obvious link I'm thinking of is DEATH for starters as well as their subtle tech polish. The other influences in NETER's music might come from a harsh Polish act or two and because their lyrical subject matter deals with ancients then I'd toss in NILE. 

NETER spends most of their time delivering rhythms bent on crushing yet technical riffs. The band has mastered the death metal art of mixing up good headbanging grooves with some head turning song structure twists. The main speed evident is left to the trigger drums. The sporadic solos are beautifully sewn in like needlepoint and yes very sharp. Good gruff bestial style vocals cap off everything. 

A week ago I was listening to a release by a new USDM act which was on a major metal label. That band had a bag of prominent influences, some average ability but had no soul or attitude in order to make it real. NETER on the other hand truly bleeds metal soul. You hear the conviction especially in songs like "Rebirth of the Overthrown", "Atlantis of the Sands" and my favorite cut on here "The Pillars of Heracles". Ya know the nation is not known for it but over the years Spain has produced some decent death metal acts. But there's never really been a leader amongst em to carry the torch into battle, until now maybe.

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