Monday, February 26, 2018

RUIN - Plague Transmissions: Vol. I review

RUIN - Plague Transmissions: Vol. I

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

There are a lot of extreme metal bands named RUIN out there. I knew two hardcore bands (who went nowhere) named RUIN as well. This RUIN is or was from California who originally formed in 1991, put out a demo and for some reason (legend says either by incarcerated and institutionalized) called it quits. Then in 2015 the original guitarist/vocalist resurrected the band and started pumping out releases on a regular basis. All of that consists of a bunch of splits and a full length. 

Musically RUIN are/were a sludgy, filthy sounding, doom leaning death metal act. One of their song titles encompasses their description perfectly as in "A Foul Stench Of Human Beings". This is primitive stuff here with vocals that grumble and growl over the deathly rumbling. RUIN also likes using movie samples as openers to their songs much in the same way MACABRE used serial killer confessions. It might just be coincidence that I have a posters of MORTICIAN as well as CIANIDE in my view. RUIN somewhat reminds me of what those acts have done. 

Now yeah I guess I've shown my hand with the namedropping. So if you're into socially unexceptionable extreme metal, stuff even friends of mine into death metal find abhorrent. Well then RUIN is for you.

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