Thursday, February 22, 2018

SKJULT - Progenies Ov Light review

SKJULT - Progenies Ov Light 

Satanath Records

Rarely if ever am I surprised, I mean really surprised. So when I was listening to this release and then learned about the artist I ended up being very surprised. First off musically this is some incredibly aggressive sounding black metal in the vein of URGEHAL or even (dare I say) Gaahl era GORGOROTH. Secondly SKJULT is a one man black metal act. And third he's from Cuba, a nation whose government is not known for allowing it's citizens to do as thou wilt. 

With that said I have to say the this one man, Conspirator, is a genius. This release sounds like it was recorded by a full band. Add to that the recording quality is incredible. This is the second full length done by him under the band name SKJULT. The first for Satanath Records as well. The debut was a self released CD which came out in 2015. While listening to this new one I get the feeling that it snows in Cuba with the absolute coldness it projects upon the listener, aka: Me.

Musically the songs, eight of em, are a mixed bag of aggressive rhythms in a constant Norwegian late 90s/early 2000s black metal style. Most of the cuts combine actual riffs as opposed to full on tremolo picked madness. The drumming is real as well. Songs vary from hate filled blasts of blackened fury to a more somber attitude that connects atmosphere which allows the album to breath some in it's over forty minute time span. If there was something major to gripe about I'd say Conspirator's vocals, which are a low rasp quality, get a bit monotonous after a while.

All in all Progenies Ov Light is a well done release that hearkens back twenty years. It revels in rawness at times and on others it's grandiose to the point you wish there were some synths (are their synths?) to make it symphonic. Either way BM fans should seek it out.

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