Wednesday, February 14, 2018

TERRORHAMMER – In the Name of Hell review

TERRORHAMMER – In the Name of Hell

Dying Victims Productions

Personal preferences, these days I'd rather hear blackened thrash in small formats like this one here which is a CDEP. I know years ago there were some great full lengths by SODOM, DESTRUCTION and AURA NOIR to name a few. But to be fair they each had two good ones and the rest could be cherry picked for cuts worthy. Fast forward to now and I'll tell ya at times I think three quarters to half of what I hear from a blackened thrash act is fine but the bands are adding filler. Just for the record TERRORHAMMER's previous release was a full length.

OK so as far as this release goes there's no filler here from TERRORHAMMER, a two piece act hailing from Serbia. In fact there are five cuts on it and even the short opener is pretty cool. Then there's the cover of the KORROZIA METALLA (a long time running Russian thrash act) song "Black Terror". Hey that's a shocker and shows that this band knows good stuff from their area of the world as opposed from pointing westward. 

TERRORHAMMER are not trying to re-invent the blackened thrash genre, thankfully. No what they produce on here is on point and yeah it's perfect. It's a straight up VENOM meets MOTORHEAD take with headbanging riffs, sick vocals and pure rhythm to carry you through till the solos slice. It's a classic sound one that MIDNIGHT rules at.

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