Wednesday, February 14, 2018

VOLITION - Visions of the Onslaught review

VOLITION - Visions of the Onslaught

Brutal Records

Oklahoma where the thrash metal comes sweeping down the plains. Yeah I know kinda fucked up opener sentence but I had to. Basically it's a tweak to set the mood since serious thrash is the case here. Remember when you had all those top tier thrash acts but you were inclined to liking the bunch on the second tier? I'm addressing the older crowd who read this blog by the way. Well VOLITION are that type of band. 

This is the debut full length by VOLITION, which actually came out in the Fall of 2017 but is worth a look at in 2018. This four piece act started out in 2013, hails from Tulsa, Oklahoma and plays some damm cool evil sounding thrash. Now I've said it many times but I'll repeat it. A decade ago I supported the thrash revival. I thought it was cool and admit that many of the bands relied heavily on SLAYER / EXODUS influences. 

Fast forward to now, VOLITION don't do that. Instead they push their brand of thrash to the more brutal side of the genre that pushes into the direction of death metal. They have these fist raising riffs, I'm talking angry sounding stuff. The guitar work is face shredding. None of that happy camp thrash junk. The nine cuts on here give off a very negative feeling. It's got that slash and burn atmosphere. The vocals have that blackened venomous tone but musically the band steers clear of that genre.

The bottom line here is if you're a thrash fan sitting there starring at your original copy of VIO-LENCE's Eternal Nightmare. And you're wondering that modern day thrash has gone on to the predictable silly side. Or worse, has taken a collective progressive nose dive up a hipster's ass then hey VOLITION is a band you should check out. After a few listens you'll think there's still hope out there.

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