Monday, March 26, 2018

ABSENT - Towards The Void review

ABSENT - Towards The Void 

World War Now Records

It's very rare that I read "album of the year candidate" in a label's promo info. And they say I'm guilty of hyperbole? Be that as it may here we have the debut four song EP by the Brazilian psychedelic doom three piece ABSENT. After giving it a listen I'll say yes it's good, damm good. I'll also say it's nothing new under the black sun of doom. 

ABSENT's songs are part of that slow, heavy, psych, distortion laden-ed doom formula. Their overall sound falls in line with the music of YOB, HORSESKULL and WINDHAND, which ain't a bad thing. The vocals echo about conveying pain and sadness which works out perfectly with the crushing riffs as well as the wah wah guitar soloing. 

Like I mentioned earlier this is a four song EP but that's technically speaking. The songs on here are long leaving this release at slightly over forty minutes in playing time. In my book, as well as the book of stoner doom, that's a full length designation. Look at YOB's early releases for an example. I also believe it is fitting that as I write this, and listen to the release, it's a gloomy day awaiting the rain or sleet. 

It's only mid-March so designating ABSENT's Towards The Void as a best of year release, especially when we're talking doom, seems a bit too much. Still as I said before it's good, damm good. I won't forget about it, that's for sure. You won't either after one listen because you'll forget the past.

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