Friday, March 9, 2018

AFFASIA - Adrift in Remorse review

AFFASIA - Adrift in Remorse

Transcending Records

Ya know I have to say that the US really hasn't produced any really good Doom metal over the past decade. Sure we have plenty of Sludge Rock and Stoner Doom but Doom in the traditional sense we're lacking. One of my favorites from not that long ago were DAYLIGHT DIES. So yeah that's the style I'm talking about. AFFASIA from Richmond, Virginia do a close enough job of it but not to the fullest extent.

Adrift in Remorse is this band's debut EP. There's four songs of varied aspects which fall under the doom shadow. The first two cuts, "Another Host" and "Dissolute" show promise with a melodic doom vein exposed. They have that mid-period PARADISE LOST thing going for them. Riffs are subtle with more emphasis on piano as well as clean vocals which also turn to the gruff grunts. Vocalist Noah Cabitto is a future treasure to the genre. 

And then comes "Brittle Sentiment" which starts out incredibly in a subtle savage way. Then it turns into (Choose One: Post Punk, Indie Rock or Crap). The latter part of the song is much better. Then there's "As You Never Were" which is pure mid-period PARADISE LOST worship. It's actually the best as well as the most intricate cut on here. 

AFFASIA is a band that's gone through a lot of line-up changes in their short life. With that I'm sure there's been plenty of influences tossed in and around. My suggestion to them is Pick One and run with it, preferably melodic doom. I look forward to hearing another release by this band. They do have the potential to becoming big. I mean that in the musical quality sense. And seriously I hope they do.

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