Friday, March 9, 2018

ATARAXY - Where All Hope Fades review

ATARAXY - Where All Hope Fades

Dark Descent Records

Some years ago, 2012 to be exact, this Spanish band came out with their full length debut Revelations of the Ethereal. It was a great release by the way of old school death doom influenced by ASPHYX and BOLT THROWER. Their singer even had that caustic tarnished throat-ed Van Drunen vocal style to top it off. This four piece act managed to pack in enough intensity paired with plenty of doom ambiance as well as melody. 

I was surprised Revelations of the Ethereal wasn't on anyone's end of year best of lists. And if you never read about ATARAXY before then you're not alone. Most people in the mainstream metal media (as well as the so-called independents) never heard Revelations of the Ethereal when it originally came out. Go check for yourselves and you'll find out that practically no one gave this band a shot back then as far as a review. Keep that thought in mind when you read a review elsewhere about this release.

Getting back to the business at hand, here we have ATARAXY's long over due follow up, Where All Hope Fades, which is out on Dark Descent Records. Now if there's a label with some recognition for putting out incredible extreme metal that gets noticed then Dark Descent is it. This band's sophomore release doesn't start where they left off six years ago. In fact this one is just better. The band has decided not to switch tempo, aka: from straight up old school death metal in one song while moving onto a more somber doom style with atmosphere on another. On here they incorporate everything in all six cuts. 

ATARAXY's strength on Where All Hope Fades is melody surrounded by an abundance of crushing doom sequences, synth enhancing atmosphere, tortured vocalizations and of course old school death metal run throughs. Now before you say you've heard it all before the fact is you haven't. The production on Where All Hope Fades is much cleaner sounding then what you would expect. It gives this release an air of elegance to the death, doom and impending gloom. A perfect album to play many times during the March ov Death.

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