Wednesday, March 14, 2018

GRAVECOVEN - Coughing Blood review

GRAVECOVEN - Coughing Blood

Godz ov War Productions

Here we have a two piece act from California (what again?) One member, Phillip Gallagher, is responsible for all the instruments while the other, James Rauh, takes on vocal duties. It's bands like this, aka: two members/huge sound, that you wish could actually perform live. Maybe they'll get some session players in the future.

GRAVECOVEN have been around since 2015 and this five song EP is a collection of everything they previously released on their two demos and a single of which they cover "Hades" by BATHORY. As far as their style and sound goes this two piece is blackened doom. That's a very under explored extreme metal genre to say the least and not to be confused with blackened death doom. Yeah I know all these sub-genres get confusing and can get a bit silly but there is a difference.

What GRAVECOVEN bring to the table is fast and loose. The riff package is varied and mired in filthy distortion. Vocals are either cavernous howls or secreted venomous screams. The rhythms vary from slow crawls, machine like pounding and of course mid paced tremolo runs. In the end it's the musical equivalent of getting hit with a hammer multiple times.

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