Sunday, March 25, 2018

INHIBITIONS - La Danse Macabre review

INHIBITIONS - La Danse Macabre

Satanath Records

For decades now when it came to symphonic black metal it usually took a band of four, five or six members (and sometimes with an orchestra) in order to create a full blown sound. This duo from Greece proves that it's really not the case anymore. With one foot planted in Hellenic black metal and the other in 1990's Norway for influences. INHIBITIONS brings symphonic black metal back into an interesting limelight.

The band consists of Pain on vocals and guitars plus Dimon's Night also on vocals along with guitars, bass, drums and keyboards. Believe it or not this pair have been at it since 2008, releasing three demos sporadically over the years. Then in 2016 they put out their debut full length, Flames of Desolation. As far as this new one is concerned, it's definitely second wave worship going on. The keyboard use is not grandiose nor held in the background. It's basically an integral part of their song craft on multiple cuts.

The same can be said with their use of acoustic guitar which I think is exquisite. Not simply an intro or segue tool, the acoustic guitar lays in on basic rhythms while being accompanied by your basic amplified tools of mayhem. Also INHIBITIONS don't stick to a symphonic black metal genre script. They add in plenty of outside touches like melodic death or gothic doom and gloom. All of which breaks the monotony and it's the same with the duel vocals which mix harsh with death like growls.

Obviously I could make subtle comparisons to past or present existing BM acts but why bother. INHIBITIONS have found a way to carve their own little niche in a sub genre that for years was corrupted by phony bandwagon jumpers or pompous blowhards riding the mainstream bus. Chalk this up to just talent and dedication to the craft which always leads to greatness.

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