Friday, March 9, 2018

MISANTHROPIC RAGE - Igne Natura Renovatur Integra review

MISANTHROPIC RAGE - Igne Natura Renovatur Integra

Godz ov War Productions

Imagine if you will WATAIN with a few flairs towards the more Avant-garde side of black metal. This is the second release and a very impressive one, to say the least, by this Polish duo. I never heard their 2016 debut, Gates No Longer Shut, but after listening to this one I might have to. Of course WATAIN is just one of many extreme BM acts from the European spectrum which come to mind while this two piece act invokes blackened fury. Then there's the other stuff.

First and foremost when BM fans think of the sub-genre Avant-garde black metal their answer is boring crap. I concur on that take. What constitutes the Avant-garde parts are fluid melodies, epic guitar solos (at times reminding me of Michael Schenker), the off worldly clean vocals at times. Mostly the vocals are vicious Polish language chops. Add to all of that MISANTHROPIC RAGE like some death doom sounds flow through a few cuts. 

I know with that last paragraph I've just been deleted by a half dozen guys shedding tears while wearing DARKTHRONE shirts bought online of course. Well whatever, this here is a perfect late night blackened release for those of us who like it all and forgo genre lines. Better yet, MISANTHROPIC RAGE might produce some raging music but as far as the way their songs are comprised. Well I'm sure there's quite a few passed Polish composers smiling right now thinking "fuck that deaf German".

Once again Godz ov War Productions puts out something I love listening to late at night, which because of my work schedule determines my music listening pleasure as well as writing. All I can say is illustrious as a sounding end.

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