Monday, March 26, 2018

MORMANT DE SNAGOV - Depths Below Space and Existence review

MORMANT DE SNAGOV - Depths Below Space and Existence

Pest Records

Of late I've been hit with plenty of Finnish black metal acts that are not at all like what I, a longtime fan of that great nation's black metal scene, consider traditional. For starters this band here, their name means Grave of Snagov. Snagov is a city in Romania and Pest Records is a Romanian label. That's about it for me because the music here is a sick treat.

MORMANT DE SNAGOV are a new band for me (what else is new?) but they've been around since 2008 and have kept a steady line-up except for their bass player. Over all of that time they've been kinda busy with a bunch of short form releases and two previous full lengths. Their last official release was in 2015 when they did a split release with a Moroccon band called ABNABAK.

So with all of that said and after plenty of listens to this I must say I'm bored. Yes bored like I was in 1996 -1998 when Norwegian bands started producing partially off the template black metal. Yes I know comparing Norway to Finland is/was an insult but hey so is this. MORMANT DE SNAGOV's cadre of blackness consists of harsh vocals, some blast-beats and tremolo runs that are not so frequent. The rest is a mix of thrash riffs, death metal riff runs and some atmospheric lurches into jazz territory. It all gave me a headache after the third listen. Be that as it may one would come away with liking all of that.

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