Friday, March 9, 2018

NEST - Metempsychosis review

NEST - Metempsychosis 

Sludgelord Records

Well this is definitely meta something or other in a distorted way. With a filthy sludge metal factor of nine this Lexington, Kentucky two piece act (Kyle Keener on guitar and I believe he uses a theremin as well plus Corey Stringer on drums and vocals) release their debut upon a bored world. Aside from the typical harsh distorted riffage and overwhelmed reverb melodies, this band actually introduces enough spaced out qualities to keep you fixated.

The production on here, or lack of, gives the impression that Keener is poking a ground hornet's nest (via the namesake?). Most of the riffs and song structures are reminiscent of days past went punk neanderthals slowed down and fuzzed out with heavy bottom dropping bludgeoning.  Stringer's vocals are completely punk screeching which follows suit with the whole sound construct.

 While the drum work is adequate it's Keener's distortion insanity coupled with a bag of too fast for SUNN-O))) riffs and high on opioids trip sounds that keeps thing interesting for me at least. This is another release by The Sludgelord blog. I have to wonder if they review their own releases?

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