Monday, March 26, 2018

OV SHADOWS - The Darkness Between Stars review

OV SHADOWS - The Darkness Between Stars 

Black Market Metal Label

Of late I've been reviewing a lot of re-issues and this could just as well be one although it's not. OV SHADOWS is a four piece black metal outfit from Gothenburg, Sweden. They started out in 2016 but after listening to this their full length debut you'd think it came out in the mid-90s. Now I'm not saying they're copycats. On the contrary they're just following along the lines of a traditionally great style of black metal. Plus they add something of a modern touch which makes em sound contemporary without running off the blackened template.

Musically OV SHADOWS lay down plenty of cold hearted and raw fury. That keeps things sitting in the old school frame. But then they add so much atmosphere to their songs in order for the rhythms to grow. It leads to a foreboding uneasy sense at times. Then it creates a very bleak look upon reality with the added grim and frosty elements. The guitar work on here is nothing short of icy. The basic riffs as well as a few tremolo picked savagery comes across like a thunder snow storm. I seen one of those when I lived in Alaska. That freaks you out. 

The vocals are for the most part traditional harsh venomous screams which are fantastic. Then there's this growing growl that ends with a scream. There are times when it all comes across sounding like someone with utter contempt for the whole damm world. Other times it comes across as the maniacal screams of a tortured soul. 

In the end The Darkness Between Stars (which by the way has a name. It's called space.) is a release stacked up in brutality, coldness, melancholy and ambiance. I got home the other night and saw this was next up for a listen as far as reviewing goes. I was like no I'm not in the fuckin mood for for this tonight but I played it anyway. I ended up listening to it six times before finally crashing out. I even had dreams filled with ice-picks. Whatever that means I believe this is one of the better black metal releases which you should get your cold hands on.

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