Friday, March 9, 2018

PISSED REGARDLESS - Feed The Birds review



After so many years now listening to bands reviving the crossover / thrash era of the 80s I'm at that crossroads point of opinion. Either the bands are cool sounding and remind me of some good old times. Or they're just copying bullshit from the past thinking it had some shelf life when in fact it didn't at all. On this their five song EP, PISSED REGARDLESS captures both sides of my opinion.

Hailing from San Diego, California this five piece act has been around for a couple of years pushing their revival style to the masses. This is their second EP, I never heard their first one. On Feed The Birds this band combines some 1980's Southern California hardcore influences (SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, DRI) with that NYHC / metalcore silliness.

Songs like "Empty", "No Reprieve" and "Trust No Pulse" are cool representations of an era of West Coast HC music which I remember well. I still have a lot of that stuff. Were as the other two cuts remind me of the breakdown days from NYC acts.

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