Monday, March 19, 2018

TARASQUE - Innen Aussen review

TARASQUE - Innen Aussen

WOOAAARGH/Dedication Records

Sludge Metal is definitely a music genre created in America but has gone worldwide over the past few decades, just like Stoner Rock. It's with that said I'm always curious to hear a band from another part of the world put their take on it. Of course most of what I've heard always sounds like rehash of what I could hear at home, aka: Southern Sludge wannabe shit or worse. When I saw the list of "For Fans Of" bands list in the PR email info I cringed. There were a couple of cool bands and then some hipster acts from a decade ago. Ahhhhhhhh! 

TARASQUE are a three piece act from Munster, Germany. Along with their take on sludge they add plenty of ambient post-something or other atmosphere. Yeah that's where their "post-metal" tagline comes into play. So for the most part on this the band's debut EP, these Germans lay down the basic slow crushing power of the genre plus they let some groove seep in. The infusion of the previously mentioned ambiance gives the songs room to breath and extend some life to their compositions of which there are five, well ones an instrumental.

The first time I listened to Innen Aussen I thought it was recorded live. It's got that big production echo sound like they're playing a club. I like that emphasis on the loud because it automatically gives you the idea of their live performance. For the most part the band nails the basics or should I just say "hello NEUROSIS"? Then on the other hand they allow for that sludged out version of SONIC YOUTH or PAVEMENT stuff to corrupt what I'd otherwise call a decent release. Thankfully the vocals are sung in a caustic sore throat style that gives em some credit.

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