Friday, April 13, 2018

ABOLISHMENT OF FLESH - The Inhuman Condition review

ABOLISHMENT OF FLESH - The Inhuman Condition

Unholy Anarchy Records

Ya know when I first listened to this and the opening song was playing my thoughts were OK meat & potatoes death metal. As the release continued on my opinion shifted in a whole other direction. Actually this is fantastic death metal steeped in the American traditional brutal style. But there's plenty of influences embedded inside plus it's packed with shifting song structures that'll knock you back.

First off a little history for ya. The main man behind this Texas band is Ramon Cazares who's responsible for vocals, guitar (live) bass and drums (in the studio). The second guitarist is Izaak Chavez and I'm guessing he provides the lead work. Still this is basically Cazares' project. Years ago he was in the band ABOLISHMENT. But then that band pretty much split up leaving Cazares to continue on but now going by the name ABOLISHMENT OF FLESH.

On The Inhuman Condition, Cazares uses the basic brutal old school death metal template then builds upon it with some tech death and melodic touches. All of which leaves you feeling oppressed and plowed over but still a sense to carry onward. To me it's all about the song craft which builds with each of the eleven tracks. Either way it's modern death metal done right.

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