Monday, April 16, 2018

AFGRUND - The Dystopian review

AFGRUND - The Dystopian 

Selfmadegod Records

I'm not what you would call a morning person. As I've said many times I work nights. I come home from a tough job and blast extreme music which calms me into the early morning hours. So my morning wake up is around noon. Any time before noon and I'm not a happy person. On the day I first checked out the Sweden / Finland death grind act it was on one of those mornings. Yeah we're talking punishment here and the release was over before my coffee was ready. 

AFGRUND is a three piece act that started out in 2006, released a bunch of stuff (three full lengths, some short form releases and a fuckin live album). For a decade the band made a name for themselves in the whole Scandinavian extreme metal scene in particular being compared to the likes of NASUM as well as ROTTEN SOUND. Yeah those are two favorites of mine.

The Dystopian is the fourth full length by AFGRUND and something of a comeback release considering the bands hiatus over the past couple of years. Musically this is a tour de force of Swedish style hardcore (yeah what the kiddies call D-Beat) with the typical caustic vocals. That template is dragged kicking and screaming (literally) through a jagged forest of death metal bombast and grind insanity. Great stuff and it makes you wonder what were they doing during their time off to get this fuckin angry and intense.

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