Tuesday, April 3, 2018

AUGURY - Illusive Golden Age review

AUGURY - Illusive Golden Age

The Artisan Era

I learned about AUGURY a long time ago, well basically when I picked up their Fragmentary Evidence CD back in 2009. Honestly I never really got into this Quebec band's brand of progressive technical death metal. Then I got to see em play locally. For some reason which I've forgotten they toured as a three piece. But their performance was fantastic and they actually had a sense of humor. 

Now fast forward nine years later and their formula is basically unchanged. They're pushing what their fellow countrymen GORGUTS did years ago into more innovative areas of genre expansion. Frankly I like what AUGURY does over other  progressive or tech death metal bands. They still play death metal is first and foremost. I hate acts who combine Discipline era KING CRIMSON and death metal. I also despise bands with guitarist's trying to push speed and notes to the point of getting a headache.

Something else important to note that on Illusive Golden Age, as compared to Fragmentary Evidence, it feels as if the band has matured. Yeah sure that's obvious because of the time spent between releases but they just sound comfortable. This release is not always on a path to head snapping song structures. There's a mixed bag of moments when AUGURY play fast and loose with injection of non metal aesthetics that still rock. Other times it's a whirlwind of varied vocal styles created by vocalist/guitarist Patrick Loisel that take for a loop. 

All in all I enjoy this one better than their last one. Hopefully they're come through my town in 2018.




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