Sunday, April 22, 2018

CONFESSOR A.D - Too Late To Pray review

CONFESSOR A.D - Too Late To Pray

Nihilistic Holocaust

Imagine if you will, back in the early 90s AMON AMARTH decided to ditch the whole Viking shtick and concentrated on just something sounding more thrash oriented as well as having melodic death metal traces. Well here you go What If-ers. CONFESSOR A.D. is a band hailing from France that fits that scenario.

On this their debut EP the band puts forth five cuts of unashamed early 90's influenced death thrash with a vocalist who could be a stand in for Johan Hegg. Although according to their promo info the band states that black metal is within the mix I say no. 

The only thing I can say bad about this release is that at times the drummer sounds like he's banging on Tupperware. Other than that the riffs are sinister at most times, happy and melodic at others. Song structures grab a hold of you and wanna induce slam pit action. All in all a cool sounding start plus they do a hipster hate song which is huge points in my book.

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