Thursday, April 5, 2018

DESTROYER 666 - Call of the Wild review

DESTROYER 666 - Call of the Wild

Season of Mist

In 2016 KK Warslut introduced a new line-up for his long time band DESTROYER 666 as well as a new album, Wildfire. That release was basically a blackened thrash rock n fuckin roll attack on your senses. As with that one, the MOTORHEAD influences prevail here as well. 

This is just a four song EP but the band is no stranger to putting out great short form releases in between albums. So what you have here is basically four great Thrash n Roll cuts. I promise they're not throwaways from Wildlife. Basically a great EP from an act (or I should say an artist aka: KK WARSLUT) who knows how to move with the times and still sound fresh as well as vicious.

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