Sunday, April 29, 2018

FERVENT HATE - Tales of Hate, Lust and Chaos review

FERVENT HATE - Tales of Hate, Lust and Chaos

Satanath Records

Ladies & Gentlemen (and You Others) it's time to face the facts. Death Metal has reached it's limits as far as sub genres and tweaking to fit in with other music styles. Yes I know there's some progressive types out there waiting for that next big thing but they're lying to themselves.

Now I say this because recently I've been seeing some scribes in the mainstream metal media whine about bands doing the whole "Old School Swede-Deth Thing". Well first of all there's no such thing as "Swede-Deth" ya morons. Secondly if the band doing things in an old school style were your favorites then you wouldn't say shit. But bands from other places doing it, oh you can't have that as you look down your nose at em. Fuck You, I'll break yer fuckin nose.

To which is why we're gonna talk about this here release by FERVENT HATE who are a band you need to know about. This four piece death metal act from Peru started out a decade ago. They put out a full length debut in 2013, some short releases afterwards but on this their sophomore release they've really pulled everything together. 

Imagine the riff intensity of DISMEMBER meets the melodic DM touches of AT THE GATES but still loves straight up classic metal song structures. Toss in an incredible lead guitarist who will peel your facial skin away on one cut. While another one later he'll hit you with some melodious 80's catchy as fuck lead work.

Yeah I guess the term people use for this is Death & Roll, which is a whole helluva lot better than Swede-Deth. Either way FERVENT HATE will keep you fixed on their music. It's fierce and ferocious with massive vocals, perfection on drums and of course a song craft which keeps you glued. This is just fuckin GREAT!

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