Monday, April 16, 2018

FETO IN FETUS - From Blessing to Violence review

FETO IN FETUS - From Blessing to Violence

Selfmadegod Records

So the other night after work coming home from what we in the industry call a "Motherfucker" and I checked this release out. Ah thank you Polish grind merchants for making my after work routine kinda fun. Listening to this is how I felt tonight and the bloodletting which went on for hours afterward. This is a mental cleansing.

FETO IN FETUS are another great Polish extreme act who started out years ago (2004 to be exact), trudged along for years putting out various releases (2 full lengths and a bunch of small format stuff). From Blessing to Violence is their third full length and first release since they appeared on a compilation in 2015. I haven't heard their older stuff but hey this one is a winner.

Musically on this release FETO IN FETUS are not out to kill you out right. There's plenty of subtitles before the pain and chaos ensues but when things kick into ferociousness look the fuck out. Gutteral pig vocals mixed with harsh screams and welcomed cavernous howls. Guitar riffs that at most times are bludgeoning but at other times siphon the life out of you. With sound bites that come more as a warning than an intro.

I'm loving every second of it. Cold and calculated but quick to the punch leaving no room for boredom or repeated riffs. When was the last time you heard a grind band inject atmosphere into their cauldron of chaos? Simply put From Blessing to Violence is definitely one of my favorite extreme releases for 2018. Nuff Said!

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