Sunday, April 22, 2018

FUZZ LORD - Self Titled review

FUZZ LORD - Self Titled

Fuzzdoom Records

Some bands have a name which needs no introduction or explanation to who they are. Case in point, according to their promo info FUZZ LORD are the heaviest band out of Chillicothe, Ohio. Far be it for me to doubt that. In fact if you're ever driving through Ohio sometime look for that on the city's entrance sign next to the words "designated Tree City USA" or "Ohio's First and Third Capital". Other than that this band's signature is not covered in a haze of smoke.

Basically you have two guys involved with a blog-site and podcast (Core of Destruction Radio). Them being Steve 'The Fuzz Lord' on guitar, Lawrence 'Lord Buzz' on drums & vocals plus last edition 'Stoner Dan Riley' on bass & vocals. With the introductions set the idea behind the band was inspired from what they played a lot of on their podcast.

With that said and my lack of knowledge to what they play on their podcast I'd give this a notification of a late 60's early 70's vibe as opposed to modern day metal or SABBATH-ian stoner rock. I'd also toss in some Punk Rock attitude or Garage Punk but hey that's been done as far as revival status for twenty years. Yeah this sounds like something cool from the garage punk days from the 90s with some metal touches tossed in.

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