Saturday, April 21, 2018

HUMAN COMPOST - Exhumations Of Death And Horror review

HUMAN COMPOST - Exhumations Of Death And Horror

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

As I've admitted a few times, I have a sick fascination for brutal death metal, gore grind or whatever you wanna call it. I'm not an avid collector of those types of band releases. OK I've got a couple dozen of some real classics. But seriously I just get a kick out of hearing the music which at times is just flat out repulsive. Add to that the song titles and lyrical themes that would make Joe Blow Metalhead in a SLAYER shirt say "Dude that's not right." 

Which brings us to HUMAN COMPOST from Canada. Here's a band who I know a little about. They had an EP years ago with a G.G. ALLIN cover on it. The cover version blew but their originals were decent. They also did an AUTOPSY cover on that EP as well. That sucked as well. But anyways HUMAN COMPOST are like the depraved incestrial conceived third cousins of CARCASS. A really deformed looking relative with an attitude.

HUMAN COMPOST started out in 2013 and over a couple of years put out three classic EPs, a CDR demo in 2015 and appeared on a comp I think. But in 2016 they released a full length, From the Grave They Crawl, which came out on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. So what we have here is basically a compilation of everything (pretty much) prior to their full length.

We're talking about their Degradation of a Virgin Corpse EP from 2013, The Cold Flesh EP (which I mentioned before) from 2014, the Reduced to Human Sludge EP which also came out in 2014 and contains tortured covers of MAYHEM as well as POSSESSED. Also there's two cuts from a 2015 demo/CDR promo (a true rarity). To cap it all off there's a new cut, a cover of "Breakfast at the Manchester Morgue" from the sub genre godfathers IMPETIGO.

If brutal death metal/gore grind were a huge pile of rotting human corpses then HUMAN COMPOST stands on top of that stinking heap. Since metal is not a cohesive scene and more like a mixed bag of nuts then genre purists should go apeshit over this one.

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