Sunday, April 22, 2018

ILSA - Corpse Fortress review

ILSA - Corpse Fortress

Relapse Records

ILSA's latest release has not changed my mind on them over the years we last met. Back in 2011 I said their Tutti il colori del buio release on Dark Descent Records sounded like a band who injected themselves with rabid dog vomit but it only lasted enough for them to produce the usual angry, crusty and sludgey stuff which in the end was boring. Yeah that's a collective paraphrase of it all.

Corpse Fortress now is as boring as the politicians who come from this band's Washington. DC home. It's as slow as Congress and I really wanna impeach this act but hey they're part of the metal swamp. In all honesty you really can't drain that one. Endure the torture if you care to but for me I'm outta here.

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