Sunday, April 22, 2018



Relapse Records

Here we have the traditional idea of split releases. You have a well known band, in this case IRON REAGAN one of the many side projects from the boys in MUNICIPAL WASTE. And of course they team up with label mates Arizona's GATECREEPER. They fit into the team up part as being the not so well known act. Sure GATECREEPER did put out their Relapse debut full length, Sonoran Depravation, in 2016. But the only people who gave a shit were those on the payroll. Ooops I meant to say received advertising money from the label.

Be that as it may IRON REAGAN takes up most of this release then again their songs are shorter. Five short cuts from them all in that wanna-be DRI style of crossover. Look IRON REAGAN are good at what they do. For people who can't hold a conversation without saying "dude", they're looked upon as great. Personally I'm kinda bored with the whole retro-crossover thing. 

Now as far as this release goes I was looking forward to hearing GATECREEPER. They're a five piece death metal act who've been around for a few years now, five years to be exact. Their style owes much if not all to old school Swedish death metal. Now yeah I know not another retro DM act. Well fuck ya all! I like em. On this split the band delivers two cuts and an intro all in that ENTOMBED / DISMEMBER style. Frankly I was hoping they'd break out from their influences more. But hey they deliver the goods.

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