Monday, April 9, 2018

JUDASWIEGE - Ashes of the Heretic review

JUDASWIEGE - Ashes of the Heretic

Godz Ov War Productions

This is the debut EP from a Spanish duo who fall under the genre moniker of Black Speed Thrash Metal. Strangely enough I have seen that tagline before by a writer years ago trying to describe what MAYHEM's Deathcrush EP was all about. Now except for the vocals on here having a minor Maniac quality that's where the comparisons stop.

JUDASWIEGE, made up of vocalist Dis and multi-instrumentalist Obszen, definitely bring about that raw old school style a bit. There's plenty of thrashing about, savage drumwork and cymbal crashing to the point where anger management may need to be called in. Once in a while there will be a death metal break tossed in along with a solo.

Ashes of the Heretic is basically five cuts bookend by an intro and outro. Grim yet angry blackened thrash hostility sitting between some doom and gloom for your listening pleasure. Or for the displeasure of those you don't like.

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