Tuesday, April 3, 2018

LORD KETIL - Long Lone Among The Wolves review

LORD KETIL - Long Lone Among The Wolves

Ogmios Underground

OK so the first time I listened to this it was 3 AM and about midway through I wanted to run out into the street naked and scream "Black Metal Is Krieg"! Thankfully I didn't because I'd most likely be in jail right now or maybe in a hospital room under supervision. I can just imagine that Q&A session. It was also in the low thirties that night which can be a little embarrassing if you know what I mean. But anyways here we have a band that will ignite the fire in all of you out there who crave the old raw sound of years ago.

LORD KETIL is a French black metal act started years ago by multi instrumentalist Alkorne Al Krahan. Until recently he recruited a person who goes by the name Psycho to perform vocals. I think this is a perfect place to start because the vocals on this, LORD KETIL's second full length, need to be addressed. 

For the most part Psycho is a decent black metal vocalist. He does the harsh violent rasp well on most cuts. But then on songs like opener, "Wild Hunt" and "The Gates Of Aeon", he sounds like a tortured de-winged harpie. That kinda bothers me as well as the guest clean vocals by Haine. Other then that he's fine.

As far as the whole sound musically it's basically what I mentioned earlier. This is all old school raw Les Legiones Noires influenced BM. It sticks to the early French black metal template with a few exceptions here and there. Honestly this is like VLAD TEPES 2018. Seriously you've got the hate factor, the minimalist tremolo riffs as well as drumming. What more could you want when you're looking for not much.




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