Sunday, April 8, 2018

NEMERE - Vermezo review

NEMERE - Vermezo

Neverheard Distro

Oh to be in Transylvania in the Fall, yeah that would be cool. Of course I'm reminiscing about what I watched in old 60's Hammer Horror flicks. But actually I did review a death metal band from Transylvania years ago. They were cool, loved my review of their EP and probably turned out to be the biggest thing in Transylvania. NEMERE are a Hungarian black metal act who are not from Transylvania but their name comes from a mountain range in (what for it) Transylvania. Otherwise that's all there is to say anymore about (one more time) Transylvania.

This the debut release from NEMERE who have actually been around since 2007. Prior to this the band released a few demos. Now as far this release goes I would not pigeon-hole this four piece into the genre of black metal. On the contrary they have so much going on here that makes them pretty fuckin cool. Many of their songs are themed in war, battle and loss. A lot of the song structures are blackened death but the band kicks in some thrash, a bit of traditional folk and once in a while there's some straight up old school metal riffs.

The tops of course are the vocals. First off they're sung in a harsh tone of Hungarian. But NEMERE hail from Sátoraljaújhely, a northern town in their great nation. So in their native tongue/accent the vocals are truly filthy sounding with visions of spit, blood and bile emitting with each chorus. The offensiveness of that just makes me smile even more. All of that put together makes this a tremendous release that has a unique quality as well as being extreme and of course founded in old school tradition. Wanna know why I do this blog? It's because of cool bands like NEMERE.

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