Thursday, April 5, 2018

NIGHTMARER - Cacophony of Terror review

NIGHTMARER - Cacophony of Terror 

Season of Mist

Some years ago the flavor of the month coming out of the French black metal scene were well established bands injecting technical death metal into their overall sound. Now the critics in the metal media all hailed it. Then again those critics were never huge fans of traditional black metal in the first place. As far as the genre fans were concerned? Well those bands are not relevant anymore.

Florida's NIGHTMARER are taking on a parallel route on this their debut full length. The band goes by the genre tag of technical death metal although I have doubts about that. Their music is not that tech death driven. The band does include plenty of heavy handed riffs. They also employ elements from the spectrum of atmospheric black metal, mainly the use of dissonant chord arrangements. As far as the vocals go they would be perfect for a black metal act.

Then comes the line-up which was a shocker for me. Vocalist John Collett use to sing for SUCCESS WILL WRITE APOCALYPSE ACROSS THE SKY, a death core band who tried hard not to be one. The other members (guitarist Simon Hawemann and drummer Paul Seidel) were both in some German metalcore act years ago. They also have a session bassist on here but damm if you can hear em.

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