Friday, April 13, 2018

PROVOCATOR - Satan, Chaos, Blood and Terror review

PROVOCATOR - Satan, Chaos, Blood and Terror

Moribund Records

PROVOCATOR is the solo project of BLEEDING FIST founder Hellscream. Since I probably was one of the few who praised BLEEDING FIST's Bestial Krusifix666ion full length (I said it's like a flaming middle finger salute) in January 2010. I was also very nice to their Devils Ferox EP which came out in August of that same year. So why not give this one some time.

While BLEEDING FIST was Slovenia's blackened homage to the ways of the genre's old school, Hellscream takes this vehicle even further. Originally starting out in 2012 as a solo project which put out the full length Antikristus in 2014 plus a few short form releases prior to and afterward. PROVOCATOR is now a two piece act with Lord Astaroth of the Italian black metal act KURGAALL on lead vocals. Hellscream is still responsible for the instruments and background screams. 

Satan, Chaos, Blood and Terror is the second full length by PROVOCATOR. Musically it's everything described in it's title. There's eight cuts of raw sounding old school filth owing much to HELLHAMMER as far as simplicity and BEHERIT as far as being lo-fi. So yeah it sounds like an old demo from the early 90s.

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