Sunday, April 8, 2018

STILLBORN - Crave for Killing review

STILLBORN - Crave for Killing

Godz Ov War Productions

For a guy who hasn't a drop of Polish blood in his body and whose earliest thought of being a Polish fan came from watching the wrestler Ivan Putski (Polish Power) kick ass in the ring, I just don't know why I am a huge fan. Of course there were a lot of extreme metal bands that I grew to like from the nation's scene. And then comes STILLBORN.

Back in January I reviewed a reissue of a compilation of STILLBORN's first two demos aka: Mirrormaze & Die In Torment 666. Also I think I went through why I like them. But I'll reiterate. STILLBORN are the bottom of the barrel blackened death filth of the Polish metal scene. Obviously it's a place where I frequent. So when I saw that STILLBORN were coming out with a new release this year my first thought was "It better not have any covers on it."

Crave for Killing is a a five song EP but when it comes to this band that's all you need or can stand. Pure blackened death filth with raging riffs that vary from tremolo picked insanity to chunkier DM riffs. The organic drum work is exceptional as well as appreciated. They toss in some thrash dynamics as well as varied vocals (traditional DM style as well as blackened rasps.) Bottom line it'll rip your face off and scream at the leftover skull.

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